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March 2012



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Mar. 25th, 2012



Katy applied for a loan from her local bank. Katy was going to be starting a pastry business and needed a construction loan. Which is essentially any loan where the proceeds are used to finance construction of some kind. During the loan application Katy was made clear what account condition she was intending to initiate. She was asked to come in for an interview immediately after finishing the application. The bank needed to make sure Katy's account was in good standing and therefore her capacity to pay back the loan. This would basically ensure her creditworthiness. The bank took note of Katy's credit score and credit report as a standard evaluation while interviewing her. The bank by no means must go against Katy's race, gender, age, religion, color, and/or receipt of public assistances; under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA). The bank consulted with Katy the fixed rate and annual percentage rate (APR) at which she would need to when and if she were to be accessible to the construction loan.
 After the interview Katy learned she was approved based on her payment status and proceeded with the construction of her bakery. At this time Katy was under investigation as a routine process to make sure everything in Katy's credit report is accurate. Katy received e-mails and letters of the disclosure as to keep her updated of her credit history. While the construction was underway Katy went through a grace period with the bank; paying loan on average above time as she was the guarantor. She kept in mind her collateral as secured credit to the bank and the risk of losing it. But at the end of it all Katy was able to claim amortization and looked on forward with her career as an executive pastry chief of her own bakery. Successfully ending the construction loan before the term agreement with interest.


Mar. 11th, 2012


My World

I looked at the time on my laptop before yawning. 6:47 AM. I got up from my swivel chair and managed to get my morning routine over with. If life was a game I think I'd be a champion at avoiding something boring as what I'm going to do today, but since it's not I'm simply going to have to grit and bear it today. 
"Mora!, Are you up yet?" My mother yelled from outside my bedroom door.
"Yeah, Mom!" I responded as un-sluggish as I could. After getting dressed I went down stairs for breakfast. I ran back up almost forgetting my laptop. Today was going to be a loooonng day. My mother's sister was getting married for the fifth time.. but whose counting these days, right?
"Somora Lilith Green, you are not taking that to your aunt's wedding reception." Mom immediately responded when I approached her in the kitchen.  
 "But mom I have a paper I need to write for class." I lied but I desperately wanted to keep it on me for some use of entertainment. The trip to Aunt L' Rachael's place was going to be 5 hours. She sighed and waved her hand in that motion that gave me the "okay, I give up." I smiled to myself more than to her.
"Mora..?" I turned around as she called my nickname my dad gave me before they went their seperate ways. I still visit him every summer in California and we have a lot of fun. Most kids are upset when their parents divorce but honestly their both happy and I'm fine with it all.
"Yes, Mom?" I said as I headed to the cabinet to get a bowel for some cereal.
She gestured down with her head as she eye-balled what I was wearing. I looked down at my black T-shirt with  Mrs. Pacman on the front about to eat some ghosts,  yellow skinny jeans and black converse. 
"Okay, no need to say anything, I'll go change.. after I get some cereal, kay?" I said.
"Fine, but don't forget we're leaving in 20 minutes so hurry up!" She said exasperated by now with me. 
I served myself some cereal as my mom left to probably put some make-up on since she hadn't done so yet. I put my laptop down on the counter and opened it to continue where I left off when I heard my mom yell from the other room, " You better not be playing on the computer, Mora!" I closed it as immediately as she said it. I can't help if I'm just slightly addicted to online games. And I can't help that I tend to lose track of time when I'm on them. Actually that's exactly what happened this morning but that's okay, I took a nap yesterday for an 3 hours so I'm good, I hope. Anyways the game I'm currently "hooked on" as my mom and my dad so kindly put it, is this one called, "My World". It's not like some Sims game or IMVU or anything. It's a little more like Skyrim or World of Warcarft, I guess. You can battle dragons and witches but in My World you can join covens with other people online or work alone. It doesn't really matter. I made my own coven it consists of 4 players including myself. We call ourselves REMS Forest. It's all our names put together (I know it sounds cheesy or whatever but it totally sounded cool to us so whatever.) There's Riley, Ellery,Mason and myself, Somora. I love these guys like family. I don't have any sibling but their pretty close even though we're basically worlds apart. Ellery is in Germany, Mason is in Canada and Riley is in California but he's never told me what part so I can't meet up with him when I do go visit my dad. But we all keep in touch by email, IM if not My World. I'm not totally into social networks so even though Mason asked me what my Twitter account was I told him I didn't have one. And Ellery asked me about FB but again I don't have nor care for one. 
I turned on my phone and checked my mail while heading back upstairs, I got one message from Riley, to change into the dress Aunt L'Rachael personally chose for me. It's pink ( her favorite colour) and puffy and just plain huge. I feel like I'm back in the 1800's with the way it covers my body. But I guess I get why she bought all these for me and the other bridesmaids. Well except for my mom's dress since she's the maid of honor. I heard my mom honk from the car outside and headed down stairs with my laptop in arm. 
"Hun we're going to make a stop on the way okay?" She told me as I was getting into the passenger side of the car.
"okay?" I said but as soon as I said that I knew what she meant. Michael, or should I say "Mike" as he says to call him. He's my mother's boyfriend. I got into the back reluctantly. I didn't like Michael or his son, Micah. Both very annoying. But my mom and I have different interpretations of what's annoying since she's been with this guy for 6 months now. I turned on my laptop and puts some earphones on so when they do come I won't have to listen to either of them speak.
I opened the message Riley left me on my email.
Hey Lilz,
I think I got an adrenaline rush or something from the slaying so I'm totally awake so message me if ur up 2 k? ^^
Before I could message back Micah came in and pulled off my earphones. "what are you listening to?" 
"Dude, back off." I snatched my earphones back from him and plugged them back into my ears. But he pulled out one of them anyway. "Mora your taste in music sucks." He stuck out his tongue at me as he said this. I glared at him but it only made him smirk. 
"Ugh!!!" I was getting so aggrivated!He such an annoying brat. 
"Aww listen to the love birds." Michael said. My mom simply laughed. He was refering to me and Micah. I hated when we made stupid jesters like that when I clearly don't like the guy. I mean if I was completely vapid I think I could sinc he has his apealing points but that's all directly related to his looks and  there is no way I can be that superficial when I'm near this guy. 
I responded back to Riley's since it was clear that Micah was distracted by his fathers rants. 
"Hey, Riley!
"I'm up too...unfortunately D:<"
"What's up? :o"
" I gotta go to a wedding -.-"
"Yeah! xo It's totally lame! I'm wearing this stupid dress that makes me look like a big wad of bubblegum x.x"
"Lol sounds like fun. xD"
"Please be kidding >:o"
" I am I am lol"
"Thank GOD! >.< LOL"
"Um...... Lilz can I ask you something?"
"What? Did you forget how to use th code on MW again?o.O"
"-_- No! It was only one time! xP!"
"Then what is it? Lol"
"Nothing... Can I call you later?"
"Sure o: Do you still have my number? :P"
"Yeah :P Gosh you have no hope in my skills."
What skills?O.O"
"My awesome skills!xD"
"Whatever x3"
"Mora? Are you hungry?" I looked up from my laptop and saw we were at a gas station. 
"She's not hungry she's talking to her boyfriend, Mrs Green." Micah said in that insolent voice of his.
"Mora? You have a boyfriend?" My mom looked at me increduluously.
"No! Mom!" I could feel the aggitation in my voice for him saying that and for my mom taking him seriously like he was worth any serious attention. When my mom turned around to head to the gas station diner I punched Micah.
"Ouch." He laughed.
"Whoa there Micah you got a fiesty one." His father who was still in th passenger side chuckled.
"Mr. Miller can you shut the fudge up" This is what I wanted to say but instead I said: " Mr. Miller I think my mom will need some help with the food." 
"Your right kiddo." He got up and left but he couldn't leave it like that couldn't he? Instead he continued to say loud enough for other people in other cars nearby to hear, " Now don't do some "nooky" while we're gone!" 
I face palmed and Micah laughed. I don't get this guy; it's like he wants Micah and me to hook up! 
"Micah you dad is lucky I love my mom." I managed to say through gritted teeth.
"Lilz don't over react." He said.
"What did you just call me..?" I asked.
"Lilz." He said again in a teasing tone.
"Don't call me that." I replied obviously annoyed.
"Why not? Your lame-o boyfriend does." He said as he edged closer to me in the car looking down at my laptop. I slammed it closed in response.
"Why are you eavesdropping?" I pushed him away from me. He didn't move much. Fail.
"Because...." He leaned in closer. "Your....." His eyes half opened. He got close enough to where if he wanted to he could kiss my cheek. He whispered in my ear.
I pulled away immediately. 
My Mom and Michael came back. I looked back at Micah bewildered. He was sitting there like nothing happened. 
"Mora here I got you a soda ad chips share with Micah, okay?" My mom handed me the chips and drink.
I felt stupified.
What the hell just happened?!


"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." -einstein *aquarious*  (I know)
"Perfect is almost good enough." -virgo (I analyze)
"A rolling stone gathers no moss."-gemini (I think)
"Ready, aim, fire!"-aries (I am)
 "It is better to know how to learn than to know." -sagittarius ( I aim)
"What you see is what you get."-leo (I will)

My Secret

It's 10:00 pm and it is unusually colder than any other night. But here I am in the snow second guessing my choice. I want to turn back the clocks before I told my best friend and brother my secret. Turn back the time before I decided to tell them. Turn back the time to before even developing this secret. But that isn't going to happen and I know honestly if I had the opportunity I still wouldn't have took any of that back...
I guess I should get rid of the suspense; it all started back a couple of days ago..
"Alexa!" Sebastian, my eighteen year old brother, yelled from the car. He drops me off at school on his way to his prestigeous art college. My mother would but she has taken more hours at the hospital and my father has been overseas working. He's an engineer for a major corporation that's got him traveling a lot. I have another brother but he's only seven and leaves way early on bus because his school is pretty far away. 
"I'm coming!!" I shout back to him. I check myself in the mirror in the hall way before leaving out the door. I stayed up late watching zombie movies with my two brothers so my hair is a mess and my uniform is a little wrinkled but that's okay; today's only a half day. No big deal since it will be in a auditorium because I'm a senoir at Chavelior High School this year. 
I manage to jump in the car as he was about to pull out. He doesn't like getting late anywhere and would seriously leave me home if I don't rush. "Alexa, you made me wait and you still look like crap." Sebastian remarked before taking a drink of his coffee, overdosed with sugar. I looked over at his clothes and hair then pouted, " I'm sleep deprived so leave me alone!" I said. He chuckled and drove off to our first stop. He's awake when most people aren't so it's no wonder his hair and clothes all look awesome compared to mine. 
"Mom's going to make meatloaf when she gets home so don't worry about cooking anything, Hugo, 'kay?" I said as my brother's boyfriend, Hugo, took my spot as passenger forcing me to retreat to the back of Sebastian's Camaro. 
"Oh, really?... Well no problem. I like your mom's cooking." Hugo lightly smiled and kissed sebastian on the cheek. Sebastian and Hugo have been going out for almost two years now and their love has never faultered. Their completely mad for each other as much as each other's art. My brother and Hugo actually met at an art gallery that was actually meant to pit them against each other the fact they fell in love is crazy; since my brother is obsessively competitive. But I guess I could see the appeal. Hugo has very deep blue eyes, coal black hair, pale skin, and a distinct enjoyment in gore art; anyone can get mesmerized by him even my brother.
I brought out my cell phone and started texting my best friend, as we got near my school. 
Alexa: Heeeey Neko!:D
Neko: Yo :3
Alexa: Where you at?^-^
Neko: On the auditorium steps, you?'-'
Alexa: On my way there! :D Wait for me!!?xD
Neko: kk
I made my way out of the car. Briefly looking at an unfamiliar school bus park. The side of it saying " Saggitarious High School." The bell rang so I ran for it before noticing anything else. Little did I know, samething was certainly taking notice of me. I saw my friend in clear sight and ran over to her. When I got closer I began to tiptoe. And before I could "try" to scare her she says "Hi, alex." nonchalantly. I sigh a little and simply poke her side. "OW!" She yells out heartily enough for other people to wonder what's wrong with this kid. She holds her side in pain and announces, "m- my insides are bleeding!" I laugh and after playfully kicking me in the butt she laughs too. We started heading into the crowding auditorium as my other friend, Nikita ran up and hugged both of us. "I'm so glad I didn't miss ya'll!" she says gratefully. "Well of course you wouldn't!" I say. She looks at me questionably before I could finish. "I mean, you are "the Ultimate Stalker", right?" She and Neko laugh. Nikita puts her hands on her hips and proudly admits, "yup!!" 
In fact, that's exactly how I met Nikita. I happened to be aquaintances with a guy she was infatuated with freshmen year and while she was stalking him she was also stalking me since I was the only girl in the group. When I got a class schedule change I had her for a class and she quickly moved away from stalker to friend on me. But as the years progressed she lost that infatuation and gained and lost others as well. She finally found the guy of her dreams and has been stuck on him through thick and thin.
Neko, my best friend, on the other hand became my friend when we both started taking martial arts classes in middle school. We were in the seventh grade and had many of the same interests. We both enjoyed art, manga, and a humor for the strangest and randomest of things. As a result we stuck by each other quite a bit. When one of us felt upset the other was always there to cheer up the other one. She's a great person if you want to talk about something silly or serious. I guess that's what we have in common among other things. Currently she is going out with a guy that she is truly in love with. I know that saying " Young love never lasts." but you got to give them credit; their both really rational and practical of their relationship; that is, when either of them are not drunk.
As for myself, I don't have a significant other. My friends would sometimes try to get me to go out with guys but lets just say they don't exactly turn out like they appear to be. In any case I'm fine being alone; since I'm mostly the one everyone turns to when their troubled I'd like to be available help them whether it be day or night, light or rain. I'm super Alexa! Just kidding, I'm just helpful Alexa. 
"Hey! Alexa! Are you daydreaming again?" Nikita asked. "No, well..maybe."  I say while grinning sheepishly. "God, your such a silly cookie!" She smiled as she said it.


The fantasy of life and the reality of dreams
I'm still in love with you
ain't no sunshine
me and mrs jones
My educational, professional and personal goals are all tied to one synonymous objective. And that objective is to have my hand forever engraved into how I can, as an individual human being, change the world for the better. I have often encountered people in the seventeen years of my life that aren't afraid to point out the injustices of the world, but that's it. Only said things. Why not try to change those injustices? In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King; I quote,"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people." And inactivity to change those injustices is just as good as being silent. But I refuse to allow myself to follow that flock. I will use the education I obtain from Hofstra University to not only gain a proper health care profession but to also view and administer any help I can to the world. My personal goal is to one day be able to join those medical professionals in the Doctors without Borders Program. 
I am going to do my family, friends, and country proud. I will objectify myself to every bit of information that could assist in my future career. If that be angled medically, religiously, politically, and/or etc. I will allow myself to be open to all because I know you can not narrowly learn one subject. With a wide range of international academic conferences I can not but feel inclined to attend an institution of high learning, such as Hofstra University, that will give all that I could possibly need to make a difference. After all, nothing is done by simple dialogue it takes actions. 
I would like to summarize this all with a quote I once heard; "Don't beg for things, do it yourself or else  you won't learn anything. So let me take that step to achieving my one goal in mind.

Haunted wallflower

I live in this house for 17 years. I learned to walk, talk, and eat here. This was also where I died. And now I can't rest; not while everyone is convinced my death was caused by accidental manslaughter I know it wasn't. And soon everyone else will know that too.


Your friend dragged you to a party but you were already bombed after school so you chilled out on the couch when you got there. Your friend, Alexis,left you with her cell phone; cause she's such a clutz and always loses it when she gets drunk. While sipping some of your sprite her phone began to buzz. You looked to see a text from someone named "cute gamer boy". You weren't one to pry but you never seen this name (editors note: if you can call it a name lol.) before on her phone. You after several minutes of debate you read the message. "Hey, what's up?" Cute Gamer Boy texted. "Nothing much just @ a party :P" you replied. After a few minutes he messaged back, "Lame ^^" "I know, right?-.-" you messaged back. "Who is this??O_o Alex Greene has nvr agreed w/ me! Are u drunk? Lol" He responded quickly. Oops.. you forgot you were talking to him as Alexis. You eventually came clean and told him your real name. After awhile of texting each other you found out you two had a lot of common interests. Your both were mad about gun games and rpg (role playing games like skyrim) But her phone was dying so you told him you had to go. "Oh bye ;)" He replied. But before you turned off her phone he sent one last message. "Can I have ur #?:8" He said. You gave to him and turned it off. "Heeeeeeyyy ___________", your friend Alexis slumped right next to you in a drunken stupor. "Ready to go?" You ask while poking her to stay awake. She was starting to past out. You checked your own phone to see what time it was. You were surprised to find out it was 2:00 Am! Your parent's were used to you coming late but not this late. After driving your friend home you headed to your doom. Your made the slow walk to your house door. Your phone vibrated in your pocket you decided to answer it tomorrow; anyway it was probably Alexis's drunk butt. But before you could even get your house key out the front door swings wide open. It was your brother who answered it and he had a smile that always followed a punishment for you. "Why hello ______ coming home quite late, aren't we?" He smirks. "Are the 'rents awake?" Your half sighed/ half yawned not totally there to deal with your brother, Dylan. "Lucky you, noopee.." He was still blocking the entrance into the house as he replied. You pushed him out of the way and trudged to bed. "Well then I'm going to to bed, 'night." You were way too tired to get in it with your brother. When you got settled in bed your phone vibrated again and you were annoyed so you checked it. It was an unknown number was there. You read the message and instantly knew it was "cute gamer boy". The message said "Goodnight, ____, love ;D" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Editors Note: So who is this "cute gamer boy" O.o? You two didn't even mention each others names! and what did he mean by 'love"? Is he british?O.O How did you friend meet this guy and not tell you about him! o: 

Some blah

what's your addiction?

Mar. 4th, 2012


(no subject)

The Academic Achievers Program is exemplified by its ability "to retain and propel more students to graduation." And I would feel more than honored  to become apart of that. Be that individual that accomplishes graduate status. I know, given the opportunity, I will represent everything The Academic Achievers Program has to offer.
 As a representative opportunist I acknowledge that I do have my share of weaknesses as well as strengths that will, with the cooperation of The Academic Achievers Program, be able to extinguish or otherwise flourish these factors. Honestly if I have to say so, my weakness and my strength is somewhat of a double edged sword. I have an unnerving way of venturing out to do something new or basically jumping into something; if that something be work, assignments, food, music, cultural, etc. it doesn't really matter; I'll most likely want to give it a "go". I guess you could say it's what gives me the capacity of confidence that I do have but it also gives me an uncertainty to lose myself in whatever I may be doing and likewise diminish that confidence. I often lack the forethought to ask what that "something" maybe  or ask necessary questions and end up either on the top of things by coincidence or luck; alternatively I sometimes end up confused or flustered. 
 True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself. Henry Miller; a great writer once said and I can't feel more than compelled to agree. I know with this justification, if I am given the chance I may become more with the assistance of the Academic Achievers Program. As the words of one of my own favorite authors and one great writer, John Steinbeck,once said "the Man, unlike anything organic or inorganic in the universe, grows beyond his work, walks up the stairs of his concepts, emerges ahead of his accomplishments." So with the collaboration of both outstanding individuals I would like to staple my own words of absolution; I lack the common sense of most individuals when undertaking something, anything, but I have the ability and will power to make it on top. 
 My will power is completely representative of my determination to make something of myself. My determination to succeed is my drive; my determination is my talent to any endeavor. I know no better talent of mine besides that makes me who I am. My perseverance gives my goals flight. I will work harder if I know I can't get something; I will do this just to make my dreams come true. I want to help others, I want to be apart of making this world a little bit better. My ideals aren't superfluous or rudimentary and I know that. I know I will need a higher education to make it happen. I am confident that with my convictions I can make it all happen. 
 So I say this with everything I have, with everything I know I can, and will achieve with the benevolent assistance of The Academic Achievers Program, I will become a pillar for my friends, family, and community as I take the next steps to my future and all those I come across. I only ask that I gain the support and recognition The Academic Achievers Program can provide for me.

Feb. 25th, 2012


Writer's Block: Weatherman’s Day

it's kinda cold and awesome :D
What is the weather like right now?

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